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Corvus OS vS4.0 Custom Rom | Leviathan | Official | Android 12L Latest Build Download

Corvus OS custom rom is based on AOSP, with all the useful features required. Download Corvus OS vS4.0 Custom Rom | Leviathan | Official | Android 12L
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Corvus OS custom rom is based on AOSP, with all the useful features required inspired by Dirty Unicorns. Their objective is stability while being feature-rich at the same time. They won't believe that Corvus is better ROM than others, but they will always try to give you the best.

Currently, it is also the best custom ROM for Gamers. It offers game driver preferences and also provides decent battery customization. 

So this post is for Corvus OS vS4.0 | Leviathan | Official | Android 12L official latest build.

Corvus OS vS4.0 Android 12L Changelog

Corvus OS vS4.0 Android 12L comes with a Patch - July - android-12.1.0_r22 | Bumped security string to August

Table of Contents


- Fixed multiple random app crashes (FB, Reddit etc)
- Fixed banking app crashes
- Fixed decryption in recovery
- Fixed broken battery icon on "Filled" icon pack
- Fixed toggle torch when screen off
- Fixed setting developer QS Tiles
- Fixed setting custom picture on multi-user setting
- Fixed QS Panel interaction lag
- Fixed mono QS tile active state toggle
- Fixed Reboot QS tile
- Fixed Volume rocker skip track
- Addressed camera app crashes/Glitches for few devices
- Fixed media output selector crash from volume panel
- Fixed support for QTI bluetooth
- Fixed missing vibrate icon from statusbar
- Fixed long booting time
- Fixed Lockscreen clock center alignment
- Fixed Custom clock in AOD
- Fixed Lockscreen bottom shortcuts
- Fixed landscape icon with battery saver glitch
- Fixed colors pf inactive volume panel bars
- Fixed ability to display 4G and VoLTE icon together
- More miscellaneous fixes and improvements

Source Fixes

- Fixed ability to build PhotonCamera
- Fixed requiring to lunch twice
- Rebased Art, bionic, Av, Native, Core repos
- Switched to Jemalloc mem
- Added support for Lahaina
- Restore Legacy support for few devices

System UI

- Added new QS Translucent accent style inspired by Fluid
- Reworked QS Outline style to be truly outlined style
- Added new random colored QS Tile style
- Added new detailed data usage panel in expanded QS Panel
- Added QS Weather and customisation (Omni Jaws)
- Optimize Download animations
- Optimize responsiveness and speed up ui animations
- Fix QS mobile icon disappearing on theme switch
- Hide lockscreen media art if nothing is playing
- Add support for strict standby policy
- Remove shadows from Lockscreen textviews
- Choose AOSP color seed generation
- Replace lockscreen lock icon with two-tone icon
- Redesign QS Media player
- QS Media player customisation
- Added QS Media player vinyl style animation (Alpha implimentation)
- Partially add blurred dialogs back for the ones that don't affect A12 animations
- Added ability to limit lower refresh rate in AOD
- Allow to skip 3 seconds timer in screen recorder
- Added Lockscreen media art and blur customisation
- Updated pixel props
- Added Notch bar killer overlay
- Added QS Tiles column customisation
- Added ability to hide tile labels
- Added ability to Align qs tile content vertically
- Re-do system wide fonts implementation
- Added user selectable VoLTE styles
- Added user selectable VoWifi styles
- Revert back to old clock/date style
- Reduced statusbar clock pill paddings
- Adapt lockscreen bottom shortcuts to Light/Dark theme
- Make notification count badge more compact and visible


- New redesigned settings dashboard
- Redesigned battery usage bar with animation
- Redesigned storage usage bar with animation
- Added Wifi-hotspot settings
- Added Bluetooth timeout settings
- Added Wifi timeout settings
- Added ability to forward vpn through hotspot
- Make HWUI renderer persistent
- Added android 12L easter egg
- Switched android version to 12L in firmware version
- Added support for application downgrade
- Added support for strict standby policy
- Added background freezer
- Added smart charging
- Added preference to open battery optimization page from battery settings
- Added ability to ignore window secure flags
- Added multiple pre-installed weather icon packs
- Added user configurable fingerprint wake-and-unlock

Raven Launcher

- Added Quick space with Date & Time and Quotes (At-a-Glance)
- Added Weather view to QuickSpace (At-a-Glance)
- Added ability to set app drawer row height
- Added extra hotseat grids (4x4 - 6x10)
- Added themed icons from @modulesrepo
- Added blur changes to launcher
- Adjust app icon sizes based on the grid sizes
- Fixed wrong RAM usage text colors
- Added ability to change recents and app drawer background opacity
- Added A12 designed custom weather widget (Omni Jaws)


- Redesigned tiles to look like QS Tiles
- Added Ability to show currently playing game
- Added estimated game time for currently playing game
- Added ability to disable USB debugging
- Added modified ringer mode


- Added new selective signal icon packs
- Added new fonts
- Added pitch black theme
- Added ability to pick wallpaper colors

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Note: The Official builds will start to roll out soon and an addition to that our A12 support is not over yet, upcoming updates are confirmed! 😄 We will keep posting for your device.

Corvus OS vS4.0 Custom Rom Screenshots

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Corvus OS Compatible Devices

Corvus OS officially supports 50+ devices and crossed over 500000+ Downloads
Here’s a list of all the manufactures that Corvus OS supports officially.

Note: Corvus OS team regularly updates the list of supported devices, so always check their official site for updated information.

  • Poco
  • Oppo
  • Asus
  • Realme
  • Xiaomi (Mi, Redmi)
  • Motorola
  • LeEco
  • OnePlus
  • Lenovo
  • Yu
  • LeEco
The list mentioned above are the manufacturers that Corvus OS supports officially, if you want to know if your device supports Corvus OS custom ROM, then go to the Corvus OS official website.

Corvus OS Official Channels

We are not a Developer/testers, only posting Custom Rom Download link and Flashing method. All Credits go to the Respected Developers, Testers, and Maintainers.


About Corvus OS Android 13

Yes, they are aware that A13 - AOSP has been released.

While it does sound tempting to jump onto the latest flashy android version. It might be too early to jump onto the rat race right now. While it wouldn't take long to do an initial bring-up, but as in user's perspective the situation of A13 may not be in your favour for now. Some of such reasons why they would like to hold on and take it slow is,

1. Obviously as we've seen in the past, initial releases turn out to be buggy or not make much sense in "stability"
2. It seems like AOSP has fixed the backdoor through which certain file managers were able to access android/data or /obb directories. Which means you get absolutely no access to them.
3. All sorts of spoofs, magisk, modules and what not that existed in A12 may/may-not work in A13 atleast just yet.


Corvus A12 is not going EOL, while we strive to make this as stable as it could get please don't come around asking "Android 13 wen?"


FAQ on Corvus OS

Is Corvus OS ROM open source?

Yes, Corvus OS is open source and its source code is available on GitHub.

Does Corvus OS ROM has an Android 13 version?

You must have already read their announcement.

Is Corvus OS ROM pre-rooted?

No, Corvus OS is not pre-rooted. You can flash Magisk if you want to root it.

Is Corvus OS safe to use?

Yes Corvus OS is totally safe for your android device. You can easily download and flash this rom.

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