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How To Unlock Bootloader Of Realme Xt | Official Method 2020

Full detailed guide on How To Unlock Bootloader Of Realme XT by official method in 2020. So you can install Roms, Root and do many more things.
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 Hello everyone today I am going to share you all a guide on How to unlock bootloader of Realme XT smartphone by Official Method 2020.

Realme is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer headquartered in Beijing. The company was founded on May 4, 2018 by Sky Li, who was former vice president of Oppo.

Realme, in the past couple of years, has made its brand name in the smartphone market as one of the reliable smartphone.

 OEM that not only brings great products, but also provides great after-sales services in terms of providing the latest firmware or security updates.

Why To Unlock Bootloader Of Realme XT

The explanation to this question is very simple.

* If you want root your Realme.

* You may flash Custom ROM and if you want to install a Custom ROM, you’d need to have your stock bootloader unlocked.

*  In simple terms Unlocking the bootloader allows you to install custom Firmware on your Android phone, root.

*  And you can install mods.

After Unlocking Your Device Will

*ALL OF YOUR DATA WILL BE ERASED! Backup before you proceed.

*After unlocking Widevine L1 will be replaced by Widevine L3.

*Meaning that you will not be able to stream HD content on Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

*In-depth test may modify some of the system functions, and prevent you from updating the system version to enjoy the latest Realme UI.

Steps To Unlock Bootloader Of Realme XT

So, before we Unlocking Bootloader

Make sure that you take a complete backup of your device because unlocking the bootloader wipes off the data on your device.

Make sure your system version is the official and latest one.

 And make sure you keep your Realme XT charged to a minimum of 50%. And you will need a USB cable and a PC orLaptop for unlocking the bootloader.

1. Download in-depth test apk & install it. You can get it in here.

Download In-depth Test Apk

2. Submit Application. After some time check status. After review successful enter in-depth test. 

How to unlock bootloader of Realme XT

How to unlock bootloader of Realme XT

In-depth test apk for Realme XT

3. Your device directly boots into fastboot mode.

4. Now connect device to PC. Use minimal_adb to get latest adb files. Open cmd window inside adb folder.

Download Minimal Adb

5. Extract the contents of the ADB and Fastboot tools in a folder and open a command prompt windows in the same folder where you have extracted the contents of the Fastboot tools.

6. Then type "fastboot devices".

It will show your device id. 

7. Then type "fastboot flashing unlock".

ADB tools

8. Now your device will show options. Select unlock bootloader. 

bootloader unlocking of Realme XT

9. Now your device boots into stock recovery & It will wipe all your data. Now device boots into system automatically.

10. Your device unlocked now. Enjoy Root & Custom Roms.

Video Tutorial For How To Unlock Bootloader

That’s it! the bootloader of your Realme XT is now unlocked. The best thing is that the kernel source code for Realme XT is now available on GitHub.

Which allows the developers a free-hand to  come up with TWRP, custom roms,  kernel,  and much more with the help of these source code.

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