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Best Builder Hall 8 Bases 2022| Anti 1 Star| Best Bh 8 base layout 2022

Best Builder Hall 8 Bases 2019| Anti 1 Star| Best Bh 8 base layout 2019. Copy these bases and won many attack as you want without loosing your trophies. Push your trophies as high you can . These are defensive bh8 bases
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These are the best Builder Hall 8 Bases 2022 anti 1 star. These are best bh8 bases layout 2022. Hey, If you have upgraded your builder hall to level 8 and now its time to build a defensive Bh8 best base layouts. Then you have landed at the right place here at my website. I’ve brought with you 10 Defensive best bh8 bases. I have brought for you 10 best BH8 base layouts that can defend heavy attacks like Baby Drag,  Super PEKKA, Dropship attacks. As we know in the bh level 8 we get an amazing defense building called Mega Tesla as well as a great troop unit Super P.E.K.K.A. filled with rage and lightining. There are many attack strategies are used in builder base 8, to defend from attacks likeSuper PEKKA, drop ship, Cannot kart and more heavy attack strategies you must need a defensive bh8 base. I have designed and attached 10 bh8 best bases, to use any one of these bases and great attack strategy you can reach 6000+ trophies.

Note: Picked all the Coc Bh8 base layouts were designed perfectly except those trapsand mines and all that traps. You should yourself always change a lil’ bit when using these internet coc bases and put them according to your need.

Best Builder Hall 8 Bases 2022 Anti 1 star | Bh 8 Base layout

If we look at the first layout. The main attacks to look at builder hall 8 are air attacks like night witches baby dragons and minions. Keeping that in consideration the fire crackers along with air bomb is placed in the center of the entire base surrounded by builder hall. One more thing to look at is the placement of giant cannon and roaster, combination of these two defensive buildings becomes a deadly night mare and now Mega Tesla has been added to the list of great defenders. Only bad thing about this map is the placement of multi mortar which is at the bottom corner so, depending upon the types of attacks you are facing you can switch the multi mortar with the archer tower which is diagonal to it.

Builder Hall 8 best defensive layout

This is a good base that I'll use. It is good base to defend almost all troops. This is unbeatable base. No giant, witch, no arch barb can beat it.

Builder Hall 8 best base anti 2 star

This is also a excellent base which i use normally. This base helped me a lot in pushing my trophies to 6000. Which is very high.

Popular bh8 base layout 2022

This is also a another good base. If can perfectly stand against all the troops combination like witch attack, baby drag attacks, minions, arch barb, etc.

Top best builder hall 8 base layout 2022

I have seen decent results on this specific base so much plus it saved me a few successes.

I understand this base is popular and still nevertheless effective, there exists a means to solid 2 star it, however, that depends upon the time and only a small amount of chance whilst the Builder Hall can surely cost a complete army after which amassing together with the Battle Machine is hard contrary to most of the Archer Towers & Cannons at the ideal side.A fantastic choice particularly once you never possess maxed defenses.

More Builder hall 8 bases bh8 2022 anti 1 star.

Best Builder Hall 8 Bases 2019| Anti 1 Star| Best Bh 8 base layout 2022

Best Builder Hall 8 Bases 2022| Anti 1 Star| Best Bh 8 base layout 2022

Best Builder Hall 8 Bases 2022| Anti 1 Star| Best Bh 8 base layout 2022

Best Builder Hall 8 Bases 2022| Anti 1 Star| Best Bh 8 base layout 2022


So these are all Best Builder Hall 8 Bases 2022| Anti 1 Star| Best Bh 8 base layout 2022 which you can copy in clash of clan and push your builder base trophies without any problems. These base are used by top players. If you want more stuff comment below.

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